Intermediate Girls

Coach:                             Leigh Haslem

Assistant Coach:          Nick Woods

Team Manager:             Cheryle Haslem

Trainer:                            Peter Quinn

Runner:                           Tony Pitt



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1 Tauri Williams
2 Tara Quinn
3 Amber Haslem
4 Charlotte Lillywhite

5 Skye Haslem
6 Teagan Bitters
7 Amber Joyce
8 Lucy Steenholdt

9 Matilda Pitt
10 India Lucas
12 Kate Oborn
13 Marley Woods

14. Olivia Laity
15 Charlie Parker
16 Madelene Gould
17 Grace Murdoch

18 Hollee Gray
19 Jessica Giblin
20 Jayde Johnson
21 Emily Marden

22 Tilly Hopkins
25 Olive Lambon
34 Teisha Walker
38 Isabella Gosling

Match Reports

  • Round 1 Bye

  • Round 2 Thunder v Crib Point

    Our intermediate girls played their first game this week at Crib Point. With 6 girls out of the team, 4 in New Zealand representing Youth girls and a couple still away, it was always going to be a big ask. Wrong. We went there with 15 girls thanks to Chappy who played up for 2 quarters. Crib point gave us 2 girls per quarter and from the first bounce our strong midfield led by Tauri, Steeny, Maddie and Tilly smashed the opposition. We had runners all over the ground these young girls are hard at the footy and protect each other. Tara, Kate, Amber, Steeny and Tauri almost set the scoreboard on fire! With strong running from Charlie, India and Charlotte, the rest of the girls took control of the game. Awesome job girls! Let's work hard at training this week. Thanks, Leigh Final Score Balnarring 18 15 123 Crib Point 0 0 0
  • Round 3 Thunder v Mt Martha Black

    Hi All, This week our Intermediate Girls played Mt Martha Black at Hastings. Right from the first bounce, it was clear that Mt Martha was ready for a fight. Our girls had a real wake-up call and had to respond. The girls fought really hard in a real low scoring game that saw our backline under a lot of pressure. Hollee Gray and Amber Joyce were amazing and Skye, Tauri, Maddie and Steeny kept us in the game. Thanks to goals to Steeny and Tilly, that were hard fought, a much improved Marley and first time players Olive & Olivia with Grace Murdoch, we took the points. Still very hard work with 16 players and no bench. Special mention to Charlie Parker who went down late with a knee injury. Keep fighting Charlie, we hope you’re back soon. Go Thunder! Coach Leigh Out.
  • Round 4 Thunder v Rosebud

    Hi All, This week our intermediate Girls played Rosebud at Somers. Our girls got off to a slow start this week and were faced with a hard running Rosebud team. Our backline again was under huge pressure in the first half and only strong performances from Jess, Hollee and Joycey held off s huge charge from Rosebud. The second half was a lot better. Our tackling and running was much improved and suddenly we were on the move. With great goals from Tauri, Kate & Skye we were still in it right to the end. A huge performance from Kate Oborn and first time player Emily Marden and a gutsy effort from Olivia Laity meant we we continued to fight hard against our opposition. I am very proud of our girls in the way that they are running out these games with no interchange. Girls, we must all get to the games to help out our mates. P.S. Thanks to Karen Lillywhite for a late charge from netball with Charlotte. Final Score Balnarring 3. 3. 21 Rosebud 3. 13. 31 Best: Kate, Tauri, Skye, Emily & Olivia Coach Leigh - Out
  • Round 5 Thunder v Rye

    Hi All, This week our Intermediate Girls played Rye at Crib Point. After last weeks slow start I asked the girls for a 4 quarter effort and right from the start they were on. There were winners all over the ground and this week it was very much a team effort. There were girls fighting out every contest from the backline to the forward line. Rye was a hard fighting team and our girls fought really hard each quarter but fell short by 3 points at the final siren. I will say this bunch of girls are working so hard for each other. It is so pleasing to watch. Still only 18 on the field. With no interchange, our girls are exhausted by games end. We will continue to work hard on our skills and success is just around the corner. P.S. Single goals to Steeny & Kate Final Score Balnarring 2. 1. 13 Rye 2. 4. 16 Best: All 18 girls Coach Leigh - Out
  • Round 6 Thunder v Mt Martha Red

    Hi All, This week our intermediate girls played Mt Martha Red at Mt Martha. With again 18 players and no interchange, our girls fought really hard against a strong opposition of 24. The first half was a low scoring game with Mt Martha finally breaking our backline that was again under intense pressure. Hollee, Jess and Joycey continue to fight hard and when Hollee went down with a hand injury we were down to 17 and in trouble. Enter Emily, who took the game on and stopped their best player in a tagging role. Again our girls never gave in and worked hard with strong running from Steeny, Maddie, Skye and Tauri along with Teisha who fought in the backline with Olivia. Bella continues to improve in the ruck and Charlotte again had a stand out performance. Special mention to Amber Haslem, who took a strong mark in the pocket and slotted a beautiful drop punt for our only goal. Best on ground: Emily, Steeny, Skye, Tauri, Teisha and Charlotte Final score Balnarring 1 2 8 - Mt Martha 5 9 39 Coach Leigh out
  • Round 7 Thunder v Dromana

    Hi All, This week our intermediate girls played Dromana at the Thunderdome – our first week at home. I asked the girls for a big start this week with at least 4 goals in the first quarter and they delivered. Right at the centre bounce Bella continues to win the tap out and our midfielders, Skye, Steeny and Emily had first use of the ball. We played 16 to match Dromana and with our 3 netballers away, this gave us one girl on the interchange – our first interchange in 4 games. Goals came easy in the first half. Kate was awesome at full forward with a massive seven goals. She was still not happy cos she missed one. Ha! Ha! Charlie Parker really impressed us with her determination to win the hard ball as she continues to grow as a player. Tauri was best afield in a strong performance, as well as Steeny and Skye, but it really was a strong team effort. What was pleasing was our run and carry and our focus this week was our shepherding to protect our mates. Coach Leigh Out. Best On Ground: All 17 players Goals: Skye 1, Kate 7, Tauri 3, Tara 2 Final Score Balnarring 10 . 1 . 61 Dromana 0 . 1 . 1
  • Round 8 Thunder v Beleura

    Hi All, This week our girls had a home game at Somers against Beleura in perfect sunny conditions. I asked the girls for another quick start to the game and again they responded with quick goals. At half time we were in control even though our fullback of the century, Hollee Gray, had to leave for a family function at halftime. Enter Joycey, who took on the role and never let us down. In the second half in her first game back after 6 weeks with a hand injury, our Vice Captain returned for her first game. I asked her to take it easy, and for those who know Teagan Bitters, she goes in like a bull terrier. Sure enough, she came off with a suspected broken nose after she ran head first into Charlotte. Teagan came to the bench with blood everywhere, then Charlotte was walking around looking for stars. Next was Maddie who got punched in the eye by Tauri (Big T) and she came off. Peter Quinn was busy as the coaches box turned into a war zone with 4 of my best off - 2 going to hospital. Beleura came hard at us and scored multiple goals and we were in for a fight. The last quarter was a massive team effort with our girls fighting right to the end. Marley took a great mark in the forward line and went back and launched a beautiful drop punt that went right through the guts and iced the game. Anyone who was at Somers that day witnessed a truly inspiring team of strong girls. They are all as hard as a cats head. Coach Leigh out Best on Ground - All 24 Final Score Balnarring 5.5.35 Beleura 3.5.23
  • Round 9 Thunder v Pearcedale/Baxter

    Hi All, This week our Intermediate Girls played at Pearcedale, their first early game. The girls were pumped up for an early start to the game but were slammed by a strong physical team with a lot larger bodies. The girls came back in the second quarter after a spray from the coach and started to get things together. I was please by the effort of our new players Tilly Hopkins and Jade Johnson, who tried their best, along with India. Our backline was under a lot of pressure with Hollee and Joycey, again with Tigger, solid as a rock. Our midfield led by Tauri, Skye Emily, Charlotte and Steeny never gave in, yet our forwards really struggled to get on the scoreboard. Our kicking to targets still need a lot of work, but in saying that, our pressure at the contest is really good, our tackling and shepherding seems to get better and our run and carry is improving overall. I am very pleased with our girls effort to never give in right to the last siren. Coach Leigh out Best on ground: Tauri, Hollee, Joycey, Emily, Skye, Steeny & India Final Score Balnarring 1. 1. 7 Pearcedale/Baxter 5. 10. 40
  • Round 10 BYE

  • Round 11 Thunder v Crib Point

    Hi All, This week we played Crib Point at the Thunderdome. With blue skies and Amber Haslem’s 50th game, what a day it was! I asked Tauri to drive the ball down the forward line fron the first bounce. She did just that with a massive kick where Amber ran on to kick the first goal in her milestone game. What a start! From then on our girls took the game on and smashed the opposition with a great performance of run and carry football. All our hard work at training was clear to see with our younger girls in the forward line gang tackling the bigger Crib Point girls to the ground. With the game in control, I threw our backline forward where Hollee, Jess and Tigger kicked multiple goals. Suddenly the goals were coming from all directions as well as points (all 19) A great win from our hard working Intermediate Girls. Great to hear the girls belt out the club song at maximum volume for all to hear. Well done girls! Coach out. Final Score Balnarring 16. 19. 115 Crib point 0. 1. 1 Goals: Tigger 2, Jess 2, Hollee 2, Lucy 3, Amber 1, Kate 1, Tilly P 1, Tara 1, Marley 1 Best: Tauri, Steeny, Skye, Hollee, Jess, Charlotte & Emily
  • Round 12 Thunder v Mt Martha

    Hi All, This week our Intermediate Girls played at Mt Martha with windy conditions. I asked the girls to get off to a good start. Right from the bounce, Mt Martha Black had us on the back foot and were ready for a fight. Goals were hard to come by and it was a scrappy game full of tackling and crowded forward lines. Mt Martha put up a huge fight, right to the last minutes of the game. Our girls finally got the chocolates with hard work and determination. Not pretty footy today but we found a way to win. Well done girls! Coach Leigh out. Final Score Balnarring 2. 7. 19 Mt Martha 2. 4. 16 Best on ground: Tigger, Maddie, Tilly Hopkins, Skye, Steeny, Tauri & Jade
  • Round 13 Thunder v Rosebud

    Hi All, This week our Intermediate Girls played at the Thunderdome against our rivals Rosebud! With our full back out with an ankle injury, and two girls playing rep netball, it was always going to be a hard fought game. Credit to our girls, we stayed right with Rosebud in a free flowing game that was hard fought and great to watch. Kate was great at full forward, ducking & weaving and kicked 5 goals. Most pleasing was our fight from two of our younger girls, Tilly Hopkins & India Lucas, who took the game on. Teagan again at centre half back was amazing in another best on performance. Rosebud got us in the third quarter with a couple of goals, but our girls again fought right to the siren. With more improvement to come from our young girls with are playing good footy. Well done again girls! Coach Leigh out. Final Score: Balnarring 5. 4. 34 Mt Martha 8. 6. 54 Best on ground: Tigger, Tilly Hopkins, India Lucas, Kate Oborn, Grace Murdoch, Skye & Tauri.
  • Round 14 Thunder v Rye

    Hi All, This week we went on a road trip to Rye. With 18 vs 22 and Rye sitting 2nd on the ladder, we had to pull out all stops if we were going to have a chance. This week we named this round ‘Do it for Joycey’ our little mate that’s been really crook. This was an amazing game of fighting hard for the football in the lowest of scoring games. Very rare to see no score at half time from both teams but there was plenty going on the field. Skye played a real captains game going head to head with their best player and captain, Abbey Jordan, in an awesome battle. Steeny again was amazing. It was pups on dogs down the forward line with Tara taking girls down in tackles that were three times her size. Tills & Maddie, throw in Emily and what a performance. Maddie took a massive hit and came off late, then we were 17. But we still played the game on our terms. Our backline was tock solid with Tigger, Teisha, Charlotte and Liv, but it was a solid effort from 18 very determined girls. We had 5 scoring shots to their 1, but our llicking at goals let us down. Joycey, get well mate. We need you back! Well done again girls Coach Leigh out. Final Score: Balnarring 0. 5. 5 Rye 1. 0. 6 Best on ground: Skye, Steeny, Tills, Emily, Tauri & Teisha
  • Round 15 Thunder v Mt Martha Rd

    Hi All, This week we played our last home game at the Thunderdome against Mt Martha Red. They won the toss & went with the wind and scored a couple in the first quarter. It was our turn & we were held back from scoring with the wind by a strong fighting team. In the third they got a couple more & at the last change we were in a bit of trouble. Our girls fought really hard in the last quarter & scored multiple goals & we were coming home strong with the wind. Teagan played awesome on the League leading goal kicker & Skye & Steeny were all over it. Charlotte did a great job at full back & we let limping Hollee Gray run out of the forward line to snag a goal in her come back game. Bella & Tauri continue to work hard in the ruck and Teisha & Tills are improving. A big thanks to Grace Chappy for playing up for a half as we again had 5 girls out but it was no excuse for catch up footy. Next week girls, we get all our players back and must win to play finals. Rest up and get ready to unleash the fury on Dromana Coach Leigh out. Final Score: Balnarring 3. 2. 20 Rye 4. 5. 29 Best on ground: Steeny, Skye, Charlotte, Tills, Tauri, Tigger & Teisha
  • Round 16 Thunder v Dromana

    Hi All, This week we were relying on Pearcedale Baxter beating Beleura 1st vs 5th and us beating Dromana to get a spot in the finals. When I woke up on Sunday to the news Beleura had beaten Pearcedale, I knew our season was over. That didn't matter to our tough chergers when I told them the news, all they wanted was to unleash the fury on Dromana and that they did. Finally we had a full team of 24 players. We had to give Dromana 3 players each quarter to make it a fair contest. From the bounce, I asked for 5 goals per quarter and the girls were amazing. Their run and carry, their shepparding and all our hard work at training came together and with the sun shining we set upon Dromana with aggressive tackling and team play that would make any coach proud. We rotated every player through the bench and everyone had a crack at the goals. even with the sun out, it was raining goals! Sure, there were some stand out performances from some players, but in the end all 24 girls were best on the ground, a truly inspiring effort. We say goodbye to some of our older girls as they go to youth next year. Well done to these girls: Tauri, Skye, Steeny, Marley, Jess, Tigger & Grace. I would just like to thank all the parents for their help and support in our first year. Also the lovely Cheryle (Team Manager) Peter Quinn, Nick Woods and Tony Pitt - your help has been great. Coach Leigh Out Final Score Balnarring 17.7.109 Dromana 0.2.2 Best on Ground: All 24 girls Goals: Hollee Gray 1, Amber Haslem1, Skye Haslem 2, Kate Oborn 3, Tara Quinn 1, Tauri Wiliams 5, Maddie Gould 1, Olivia Laity 1, Grace Murdoch 1, Amber Joyce 1