Under 15 Girls

Coach: Leigh Haslem

Team Manager: Kim Laity
Runner: Tony Pitt
Trainer: Peter Quinn

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Match Reports

  • Round 1 : Bye

  • Round 2 : Balnarring v Somerville

    The day started with the Coach getting bitten on the lip by a wasp over at the club. When the swelling came up I looked like the elephant man! One hour later, with ice and pills, I was ready and so were our girls. With seven new girls on the list, I was eager to see how we would go. The girls unleashed fury in the first quarter with 13 inside 50’s, 13 tackles and 7 goals. Our midfield was led by newly appointed Captain, Charlotte and Vice Captain Maddie. With Hoppo and Bella winning every tap out, we set upon the demolition of South Mornington. The combination of Alana and Bella in the ruck was a winner and we had winners all over the ground. Paige was amazing at centre half forward with 3 goals. Our forward line was led by Kate, 8 goals, Amber 3 , Tara 3, with single goals to Tilly, Maddie and charlotte. It was raining goals! Charlotte and Maddie were unstoppable and with new player Lara having the ball on a string. The tackles were amazing even in the last quarter when players got tired we still managed 16. The backline was awesome also with Joycey, Teisha and Laney as well as hard and tough Sabella. A truly wonderful performance. Balnarring 20.12.132 to South Mornington 1.1.7 Best: Charlotte, Maddie, Paige, Kate, Hoppo.
  • Round 3 : Balnarring v Sorrento

    This week our Intermediate Girls played Sorrento at home. With the sun shining and a home crowd we were keen for a good start. Sorrento turned up with thirteen girls so we did the right thing and lent them three girls per quarter. We played with sixteen on the field and no interchange. The first quarter we were off to a good start with four goals, our tackle count was up and we showed off eight shepherds. I was really pleased. The second, third and fourth quarters were a very different game. Bella and Alana were fantastic in the ruck but our midfielders were misreading the tap outs and Sorrento were clearing the ball. Hoppo and Charlotte were hard at it. Our backline, led by Joycey, Teisha and Laney stopped many attempts at goal from the opposition. Paige and Kate found the goals in a very crowded forward line. Our girls were not getting across to put shepherds on and as a result Hoppo went down really hard on her back on the pitch. She was off to hospital but later cleared of any injury. Charlotte went down in a sling tackle and hurt her shoulder and was done for the day. Ava and India did a great job of the half back, but a lot of girls went missing this week when the heat was on. We still got the points and sang the club song but there is lots of work still to be done girls! Thanks Leroy Best: Hoppo, Paige, Bella , Alana, Sabella Goals: Kate-3, Paige-3, Tilly-1, Tara-1 Final Score: Balnarring 8.5.53 Def Sorrento 0.1.1
  • Round 4 : Balnarring v Beleura Red

    This week our intermediate girls played Southern Power at Dromana. It was a great day, with the sun out and a fantastic ground to play on. We’d heard that Southern Power’s numbers weren’t good but we didn’t expect them to turn up with ten. It was a forfeit for them, but in the true spirit of the game we still had a match. We lent the opposition five players per quarter and we watched an exciting game. Our rucks, Bella and Alana were again winning every tap out. Charlotte, Hoppo, Maddie, Paige and Olivia were clearing the ball out of the centre straight down to our forwards and goals were scored. Teisha asked to go forward and she had an impact, as did Maddie. Olivia Laity was best on ground in an awesome performance of running and hard ball gets. Charlie Parker came back after being out with sickness and is a most improved player, getting some handy possessions. The mums and dads had a lot of laughs watching our girls playing for the opposition. Kate played at half back for them and tackled Amber Haslem hard to the ground. Joycey was not keen for them and dodged every contest…very funny! In the end it was still a fun day for our girls. Very Well done. Thanks again to all our helping mums and dads. The score was 59 to us, 3 points to them. Best players: Olivia, Charlotte, Teisha, Tilly Hopkins.
  • Round 5 : Balnarring v Beleura Red

    This week our Intermediate girls played Beleura Red at home. Our girls were slow out of the gates and Beleura brought their A game. In a lot of ways we were very evenly matched across the ground. The first quarter we went inside 50 the same amount of times, with no score. It was a scrappy, hard fought contest with Beleura winning the ruck contest and our girls not clearing the ball out of the centre. Our backline was under intense pressure throughout the game with Joycey, Teisha an Lanie fighting it out. The ball seemed to be going up and back, up and back with minimal scores. Beleura finally broke through in the third quarter and scored multiple goals really quickly and suddenly we were in a spot of trouble. Charlotte was awesome all day, as well as Maddie Gould who continues to impress everyone with her strength and ability to win the hard contests. Tilly Hopkins, Teisha and Joycey never gave in either. Jade also stepped up this week but it was left up to too few when the heat was on. We still need to improve our run and carry and we will continue to work on this at training. Keep your heads up girls. We are getting better. Best Players: Charlotte, Maddie, Amber J, Tilly H, Jade and Teisha. Balnarring 1.1.7 def by Beleura Red 5.4.34 Thanks, Leigh.
  • Round 6 : Rosebud v Balnarring

    This week our Intermediate girls played at Rosebud against the top team. With our four best players out, I asked Matt Keogh for some help. Thanks to Matt, we had Giselle Northcote, Ester and young Georgia; Sabella’s sister. Rosebud started well with the league’s Best and Fairest, Ellie running and kicking goals from all angles. Our girls tried hard but were no match for the Rosebud girls. They outclassed us in the centre and their forward line was potent. Amber Joyce, again was fantastic in the back line as was Lanie. Kate went into the ruck and proved that she can play anywhere, with a best on ground performance. Sabella was really sick in the morning and rang me for spare shorts and socks. They must have been lucky socks as I have never seen a girl as crook put in such a great effort, she’s one tough girl. Tara and Charlie Parker were another players this week who stood up and put their bodies on the line. Paige and Hoppo ran all day in the midfield but it was Rosebud’s class that got us in the end. Our Balnarring girls were tough and never gave in. Right to the siren they chased and tackled, our shepherd counts were better and we started to link up play. But, it just wasn’t our day. Best on ground: Kate, Paige, Hoppo, Tara, Joycey, Lanie Rosebud 10.12.72 def Balnarring 2.10.12