Under 10

Coach:                              Matt Keogh

Team Manager:             Josh Chapple

Trainer:                            Michael Carroll

Runner:                           Brad Billing


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1 Austin Greer
2 Byron Subramaniam
3 Angus Walles
5 Samuel Billings

6 Cooper Rhodes
7 Noah Wisken
8 Billy Steenholdt
9 Patrick O'Bryan

10 Archie McMullin
11 Lachlan Earle
12 Finnian Atkins
13 Mitchell Petersen

14 James Arturi
16 Tristan Aylward
17 Tyron Northcote
19 Jackson Carroll

22 Gus Saunders
24 Zephan Creasey
25 Kane Paterson-Carroll
27 Jake Symes

28 Seth Staley
30 Taj Palser-Chapple

Match Reports

  • Round 1 - Thunder v Sth Mornington Black

    The Thunder Under 10’s had a real crack in our first game of the year, which featured several juniors playing their first game of football EVER! Unfortunately we were totally overwhelmed by a South Mornington side that is very, very strong. To our team’s credit, we tried really hard and competed for every contest right to the final siren. Taj, Finn and Paddy all put in wonderful efforts and Lachlan and James showed plenty in their first try at Club Football. After the game, we identified areas that we can work on and myself and the kids are looking forward to training each week. Come to our games and witness the startling improvement that I’m certain will come over the 2017 season. Coach – Matt Keogh
  • Round 2 - Thunder v Sorrento

    The Thunder Under 10’s had a real crack in our first game of the year, which featured several juniors playing their first game of football EVER! Unfortunately we were totally overwhelmed by a South Mornington side that is very, very strong. To our team’s credit, we tried really hard and competed for every contest right to the final siren. Taj, Finn and Paddy all put in wonderful efforts and Lachlan and James showed plenty in their first try at Club Football. After the game, we identified areas that we can work on and myself and the kids are looking forward to training each week. Come to our games and witness the startling improvement that I’m certain will come over the 2017 season. Coach – Matt Keogh
  • Round 3 - Thunder v Dromana

    We played Dromana U/10s on Sunday at Main Ridge. The Main Ridge oval is quite small, and you could almost name it ‘the little chip’, because while it’s not as hilly as the Red Hill ground, it’s far from flat. Dromana only had 14 players so they borrowed players from us. Playing against your mates and wearing another team’s jumper is not the most fun thing to do, but James, Cooper, Finn, Lachlan and Byron each played a quarter for Dromana, with Finn almost kicking a goal. We played very well, and while we don’t officially score in the U/10s, we kicked two goals and two points, which is the highest score we’ve managed for the year. Each week we’re improving and are becoming more confident. Kane, Noah, James and Paddy all had a great game, but it was the team-effort which was a standout. We play Mount Martha Black at home this week, and we’re looking forward to showing them what we’ve got. GO THUNDER!!! Matt
  • Round 4 - Thunder v Red Hill

    It was another tough day at the office for the U/10s. We played a very strong Red Hill side at Somers. From the beginning until the end of the game, Red Hill dominated with incredible skill, strength and gameplay. We were left chasing our tails and it felt as though we were up against an U/12 side. That said, our players did everything they could to stop the onslaught and there were some terrific passages of play when our defences held strong and Red Hill were challenged. Our new player, Miller-Rose did a fantastic job on debut and enjoyed playing in the Ruck. Zeph led the team with enthusiasm and urged the team on when they were feeling down about the game. Kane, once again showed his strength and toughness with a solid game and Seth also stood out. This week, we play Rosebud at Rosebud’s ground at 0830. Being Mothers’ Day, our team is motivated to do their best and try hard to impress their mums with how good they can play. GO THUNDER - Matt
  • Round 5 - Thunder v Rosebud

    At 8.30am on Sunday, when most (sensible) people were curled up in bed, snoozing away and treating their mums for Mothers’ Day, the BJFC U/10s were kicking the dew off the Rosebud footy oval. The U/10s played a fantastic game– in fact, it was the best I’ve ever seen them. Their attack at the ball was incredible, their running was fabulous and their skills were excellent. We moved the ball very well, with our on-ballers (which is pretty much the entire team) beating the opposition in most contests. Paddy was amazing and had so much of the ball, he was tested for ‘leather poisoning’ and Zeph had to put his footy boots in cold water at each quarter break to cool them down. Noah appeared to have glue on his hands when marking and Taj moved through the packs like a tiger in the jungle. Kane (AKA – TANK) was again unstoppable and Big Bad Billy dived on the ball like a soldier diving on a grenade. An injured Seth was brilliant, and Sam was magical in defence – stopping many goals. James played a determined game and copped a hit in the ear after putting his body on the line. Tristian supported and backed up his teammates well, and Austin moved like lightning. Byron (AKA – Missile Sub) was deep under the packs getting the ball out to his team, as Angus (as Captain) led the attacks on the opposition like a warrior. Rosie showed us why she’s an invaluable asset to the U/10s and Cooper was as smooth as silk as he marked and kicked the ball. Archie was instrumental in the forward line and Finn was like a terrier, and showed the taller opposition that he may be small in height, but he’s got a heart like a racehorse. Jackson played the game of his life, making me feel sorry for those trying to stop him. Gus showed his adaptability and manoeuvrability by playing in a number of positions and is a stalwart of our team. Jake looked like a young Wayne Carey as he streaked across the ground to take a great mark which was awesome to watch. It’s a MPJFL rule that we don’t ‘score’ in the U/10s, but if we did, we would’ve been in front for the whole game except in the last 6 minutes of the final quarter. That’s when Rosebud kicked a lucky goal; putting us one point behind. Even the Rosebud coach said that if we’d have scored, we should’ve won due to our intensity, teamwork and determination for the ball. It was great game played in good spirits, and was an eye-opener for our players who now know that when they work as a team, they can do great things. A huge thanks to the mums who came to watch us play, and an enormous shout-out to our wonderful team-managers who gave each of the players a special treat to give to their mums. GO THUNDER - Matt
  • Round 6 - Thunder v Rye

    After last week’s game, I asked the players to stand-up and repeat the work-rate and intensity for our game against RYE on Sunday. The team listened and I feel they actually surpassed what I asked of them. We are coming together as a team, and one that I am very proud of. Our development is creating a create confidence in ourselves, and a more positive attitude toward our footy. RYE were another strong team who move the ball very well, and our defenders certainly had their hands full in stopping them score. Great news to come out of our game, is that we achieved our highest score so far this year (not that we score). Even better news is that we are starting to believe in ourselves and are thinking strategically on the field. We’re all looking forward to having our full team return this week, and if you’re going to watch our game - get ready to block your ears, ‘cause the thunder’s going to be LOUD.
  • Round 7 - Thunder v Mt Martha

    It was another cold & wet day on the footy field as the U/10a took on Mt. Martha at Ferraro Reserve. Appropriately named, the ‘Mounties’ are tall strong & fast. This, however, didn’t stop our brave defenders who battled hard all day. The ‘David’ to their Goliaths, was Finn as he took down the biggest Mountie on the ground in a fabulous tackle. We played very well, despite the tough opposition and wet/cold conditions. In the end the Mounties were too strong for us. We’re playing South Mornington this week, in what will be another tough match, but we’ll do whatever we can to play a tough, fair & fun game of footy. GO THUNDER!!!
  • Round 8 - Thunder v Sth Mornington

    Round 8 saw us head off to Citation Oval to take on the Sth Mornington Tigers. The weather conditions were good, there was a large crowd and we were ready for a big game. Last time we played Sth Mornington was in Round 1. We didn’t score and they well and truly trounced us in all aspects of the game. This time, things were different. Our first quarter didn’t go as planned, and they got the ‘jump’ on us. We fought back in the second, and showed them that we are a different team to the one they played at the start of the season. In the third, we kept them in our forward 50 for most of the quarter. Unfortunately, we didn’t convert this into goals, however, we kept the goal umpire busy waving one flag. We lost touch in the final quarter, but we continued with the intensity we’ve been training for. Congratulations to Archie and Jake for kicking their first score ever, and to Tristian who led the team very well as captain. Seth and Zeph played a great game, with both of them winning an opposition award from the Sth Mornington coach. We’re improving each week, and we can smell a win just around the corner. GO THUNDER
  • Round 9 - Thunder v Sorrento

    Any game starting at 0830 brings a ‘groan’ to those of us who at our age, NEED a sleep in on a Sunday, but it’s even worse when the game is waaaaaaaay over in Sorrento. So in true form, we self-medicated on large doses of caffeine and went on our way. As I was driving my Holden station wagon through Sorrento and getting odd looks from the locals in their  Audi, Bentley, Maserati and the odd Rolls Royce, I started to think about the BJFC U/10s. While I’ve been disappointed at us not having won a game this season, it occurred to me that it doesn’t really seen to affect our players’ love of football. I guess as we grow older, we seem to think that winning is important and a victory is something we have to strive to achieve. It’s as though beating an opposition will make us feel better. The 22 players in our team (with ages ranging from 8 to 10 years old) have taught me that just being able to play footy with your mates, wearing the sacred BJFC jumper and having mum and/or dad watching you is all they really want. Sure, winning a game would be great, but it’s not the most important thing.   We have shown everybody over the past few weeks that we have improved exponentially. Our skills, tenacity and intensity against Sorrento were evidence of that improvement. We held Sorrento scoreless in the first quarter, as we kicked a goal and a point – we’d drawn first-blood. Some of the Sorrento supporters nearly spilled their soy lattes on their poodles as we tore through their team’s defences. I even saw one gentleman wearing a Sorrento scarf open his eyes so wide in shock, that his monocle popped out. In the next three quarters, Sorrento outscored us, but we’d shown them that we are a fantastic team, who play with principles such as sportsmanship, honour and integrity. This is an example which Sorrento most definitely should aspire to and consider putting into practice – especially when they win. GO THUNDER!!!
  • Round 10 - Thunder v Dromana

    Another game, another big effort from our players. We took on the Dromana U/10s, which consists of only 15 players, thus, we had to adapt our game to suit a numerically smaller opposition. The advantage Dromana have, is that they know how to play with less players because it’s what they have to do each week – they train for it. We, however, are not used to playing with 3 less  on-field. This also meant we had to rotate 7 players on and off the bench each quarter (10 minutes), resulting in us being unable to get a grip on the game. I doubt the result would have been different, but we would most definitely had been able to put up a more constructed contest. Our team consists of 22 terrific kids who try their guts out each week. They love their footy and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on a cold Sunday morning. I may have been a bit ‘grumpy’ with them during the game which I’ve come to realise was perhaps a touch unwarranted. This week we’re up against the Red Hill Mounties who are perhaps the toughest, biggest and fastest team in the U/10 ‘Navy’ competition, but I know our U/10s will do the best job they can and show Red Hill what we’re made of. GO THUNDER!!!
  • Round 11 - Thunder v Red Hill

    To the sounds of banjos playing and cousins courting, we arrived at Red Hill for a big game against the ‘Mounties’ on Sunday. The last time we met Red Hill, we failed to score and the opposition kicked in excess of 21 goals against us. We knew we had our work cut out for us and fortunately, for the first time ever, we had our entire team at the game.  Our first quarter was a struggle as we tried to stop the attack of the mountain men - which is pretty big task against the Red Hill U/10s. They simply ran through our attempts at tackling them, and we definitely had room for improvement. The second quarter was better, and we managed to score a point - which was an awesome effort; more importantly, we kept the ball in our forward line and restricted them to scoring only a goal. The third and fourth quarters saw us lift our intensity and slow the barrage which was a positive sign for us as we play Rosebud (at home) next week.  It was a huge improvement on the last time we played Red Hill, and we are all very proud of these kids.  A big shout-out to our amazing volunteers who each week, provide support and encouragement to our players. On behalf of the BJFC U/10s, we thank you. GO THUNDER!!!
  • Round 12 - Thunder v Rosebud

    AMAZING, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, BRILLIANT, FANTASTIC, TOTES AMAZEBALLS…. This is the only way to describe the way in which the U/10s played on Sunday against Rosebud. We were able to finally show our families, the fans and the opposition what we already know; that we can play skilful, competitive, tough and confident footy.  It was interesting to note that on Sunday, we kicked more goals in that one game, than we have in our previous eleven games put-together. We also managed to keep the opposition to only two behinds, so it wasn’t just our forward line doing the work, the players in defence were also kept busy.  I’m not going to name individual players, as this victory was a team effort and EVERYONE were standouts. I do, however, feel it important to mention the dogged determination and sheer toughness shown by  one of our players. Millar-Rose (AKA Rosie, AKA Shamus, AKA Rosie Bloody Nosie) took a nasty knock to the face resulting in a bloody nose. While she came off to be assessed by Michael (our beloved trainer), she was busting to return to the game….and return she did. Within two minutes of coming back on, she’d taken two brilliant marks and drove us forward where we able to score. So if anybody ever says to you, “You kick and mark like a girl”, remember Rosie Bloody Nosie and take it as a compliment.  A HUUUUGE shout out to Huntah, Charlie and Ethan from the BJFC U/9s who played up in the U/10s. You guys are fantastic, and we couldn’t have done it without you.  GO THUNDER!!!
  • Round 13 - Thunder v Rye

    Dark clouds threatened rain and arctic winds greeted us at Boneo on Sunday morning, as we took on RYE U/10s. RYE are a tough, strong team but as hard as we tried, we never really fired up. There were some terrific individual efforts, however, footy isn’t an ‘individuals’ game - it’s most important ingredient is team-work and that was something we’ll have to improve on for future games.   We have proven this year that we can play a good style of footy and really challenge other U/10 teams. Perhaps that why it’s frustrating to see us not displaying our full potential in tough games such as those against teams like RYE. It is something  we’re going to have to work on at training , but it will come.   We play Mt. Martha next round, and we’re all anticipating that we’ll do the best we can.   GO THUNDER!!!