Under 9

Coach:                           Nikki Holmes

Trainer:                         Drew Jackson

Team Manager:          Sam Condie

Runner:                        Shane Beggs


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1 Kane Sherer
2 Tanner Holmes
3 George Hick
4 Charlie Beggs

5 Lachlan Condie
6 Owen Clark
7 Banjo Stewart
8 Zac O'Brien

9 Bill Chapman
10 Lachlan Jackson
11 Charlie Joyce
12 Jack Willis

13 Kai Harrison
14 Rupert Brancatisano
16 Cody Scoble
17 Jed McMullin

18 Dougal O'Bryan
19 Riley McLeod
20 Joshua Allen
21 Huntah Miall

22 Thomas Whelan
23 Flynn Scotland
24 Ethan Maxwell
25 Max Fawcett

26 Henri Saleres

Match Reports

  • Round 1: Under 9 Carnival

    Wow! What an introduction to footy. Sunday was cold, rainy and miserable but the boys all went out with smiles on their faces and played 3 games with enthusiasm. I was so proud of the way they played together as this was the first time some of the boys had met. The boys listened to all the instructions given to them and were able to execute them in trying conditions. A huge thanks to our team manager Sam who kept us all in check, Shane our super runner who was equally enthusiastic as the boys and Drew our trainer for making sure we had the right number on the field. The boys who received the awards this week were Cody Scoble for scoring the teams first goal, Huntah Miall for his positive attitude and Dougal O'Bryan for toughing out the conditions when he was freezing cold. This year each week one of the Under 9 boys will be writing a few words about their reflection on the game and the first one is Tanner Holmes who is a first year player in Season 2017. "The games were awesome and fun as! It was rainy all day and we versed Tyabb, Rosebud and Pearcedale/Baxter. We played three matches."
  • Round 2: Thunder v Tyabb

    What an awesome day for a footy match! For our first home game the weather and crowd really turned it on. Watching the boys run out with the team song playing was priceless. I was asked if we are going to do this at every game and at trainings?! The boys played Tyabb in a well played match by both sides. Our boys were well disciplined and maintained their positions on the ground. Although Tyabb were a strong team and had clearly played together before, the boys stuck to the game plan and practiced the skills they have learnt at training. A big thank you to our runner Shane Beggs who jumped in as umpire at short notice, Mark Joyce who filled in as the runner, Megan Willis who made sure our boys were hydrated, Sophie Brancatisano who kept the game on time, Kerrie McLeod who ensured the boys were fed after the game, Sam Condie our team manager, Stacey Stewart and Brett Miall for helping set up, Drew Jackson our master trainer and Geraldine O'Bryan who goal umpired. A big thanks to all our parents for making time to get your boys there for today. We are very lucky to have such a supportive group of parents! Congratulations to the following boys who received this weeks awards, I am super proud of you all. Jed McMullin who showed courage after being hit in the face by the ball, he shook it off and continued playing, Jack Willis who gave it a red hot go all day. Not sure he had many possessions but if we were scoring effort he would have been on top and Joshua Allen who played hard all day and tries his best. He is happy to play any position and give it a crack. Lachie Condie has written this weeks player report for Round 2. "I thought the game felt good with me and everyone worked together as a team and trying hard. Best part was when I got the ball out of centre half back/ their 50 metre line and side stepped against Tyabb taking the ball to our 50 metre line."
  • Round 3: Thunder v South Mornington

    Round 3 was a typical winter's morning, overcast and chilly. This rounds focus was "Keep Your Cool" and that our boys did. The boys play every week demonstrating high levels of sportsmanship and respect for the opponents and officials. They are excellent ambassadors for the club and a pleasure to coach. The improvements that I can see in all of them is amazing and I am so proud of each boy out there giving it his best each week. As a coach I really can't ask them for anything more. The boys were competitive against South Mornington and it was an even game with both teams scoring well. Congratulations to Jack Willis who was awarded the Keep Your Cool medal selected by the opposition and Charlie Beggs who was awarded a canteen award also selected by the opposition coach. This weeks awards winners were Ethan Maxwell for trying hard in every position and giving his all. His desire to get hold of the ball is inspiring. Zac O'Brien for his kick that hit the target and resulted in a goal. Charlie Joyce for his toughness shrugging off a big tackle from a much bigger opponent. Well done boys you should be proud of your efforts. A huge thanks to our Team Manager extraordinaire, Sam, who makes sure we hit the pitch ready to roll. Also huge thanks to Drew, our trainer, for making sure the bench stayed warm this week. Thanks to Paul Scotland for filling the runner shoes, Simon Willis water boy, Steve Allen for Goal Umpiring and Kathryn Maxwell for time keeping and keeping the game rolling. Thank you to all the parents, without all the parental help we would not get to the starting siren so thank you. Rupert Brancatisano has written this weeks player report. " I think Balnarring did a good job on Sunday against South Mornington. We hand balled more than in our last game and shared the ball around more. It was smart when Kane kicked the ball over the South Mornington player's heads and Riley got the ball and kicked a goal. Jack deserved to get the Keep Your Cool award because he played very well and kicked a great goal." Go Thunder!
  • Round 4: Thunder v Beleura

    What a fabulous game of footy to watch today! The boys played amazingly and at times in wet and cold conditions. This week the boys were asked to focus on three areas of the game that we have been practising hard at training; moving back from the player on the mark, hand balling and kicking before being tackled and hitting targets. I could not have been prouder the boys were amazing and excelled in all three areas. Superstars! The team did extremely well and we managed to kick a few goal and points. A big thanks to our amazing parent helpers as always. I know it was an early start for some of you and it is appreciated. A big happy birthday to Owen and Rupert. I hope all the boys gave you a kiss and a cuddle before they left today. The award winners for this week were as follows; Lachie Condie for hitting targets both hand balling and kicking, Bill Chapman for his persistence and fierceness about getting the ball in his first game back after a fractured toe and Tanner Holmes for landing two tackles which are the first ones for him this season. Great job boys you should all be super proud of your efforts today. We had one injury today and we hope Rupert's knee gets better soon and we see him back next week. Kai Harrison has written this weeks player report. Enjoy reading and Go Thunder! "Our game went really well we were unlucky by hitting the post 5 times. We hit targets and stayed in our positions the other team were quick and good players. We did really well to stop them from kicking too many goals, our backs did well and it was down there for a long time. We kept them to not many goals. Our forwards did well because we kicked a few goals."
  • Round 5: Thunder v Pearcedale/Baxter

    What a Mother's Day, not only was the weather balmy but the under 9 Thunder team came to play. My rat pack of 22 today, as we were without Henri and Joshua, played with spirit against a strong and tall Pearcedale/ Baxter side. They really did turn it on for their mums who were proud as punch watching from the sidelines. The boys were asked to lay two tackles each in the last quarter and I am sure we beat the opposition in this stat.Tom Whelan landed his first tackle ever and we all couldn't be prouder. A huge thanks to our parent helpers again who always step up and fill the various roles, you are sensational. Congratulations to Lachie Condie who was awarded the Canteen Award from the opposition for the way he played the game. This weeks award winners: Tom Whelan for landing his first tackle ever, Banjo Stewart for his running, tackling and enthusiasm all game and Flynn Scotland for his excellent effort at directing his ruck hits to his team mates. Boys you should be so proud of your efforts. A big thanks to Sam, Drew and Shane. Every week you put in those hours we don't see so. And my last thank you is to my rat pack, who made me feel so special, you know the way to my heart boys chocolate and flowers! Flynn Scotland has written this weeks player report. Go Thunder! "Mother's day game, it was a good game but we lost. They were a good team we played great but they were fast and we had lots of fun. "
  • Round 6: Thunder v Red Hill

    Round 6 saw the Thunder play Red Hill. It was a glorious morning and the boys were thrilled to be back playing on their home ground and running out to the team song. Red Hill were a strong and solid team. The boys kept to what we have been practising and maintained their positions. I was so proud of the way they tackled this week and the efforts to get the ball away. We were without Lachlan this week due to illness and we wish him well and hope to see him back soon. Owen showed courage and was crunched by two opposition players in the third quarter and had to sit part of the game out. Happy birthday Huntah and Ethan who celebrated with 20 of their closer mates on Sunday! Charlie Joyce played in the ruck for the first time and the way he directed his hit outs against a bigger opposition was inspiring. Banjo's fierceness on the ball and the way he reads the game is an amazing improvement from 5 rounds ago. All the boys should be very proud of their improvements as they have ALL made. This weeks award winners were: Henri Saleres for the way he got the ball to his foot before being tackled, Rupert Brancatisano for excellent sportsmanship and kicking out of the back line and Charlie Beggs for his hunger for the ball and giving his all. A big thanks to those parents who turned up early to set up and those that helped during the game. It is very much appreciated. Thanks to our A team; Sam, Shane and Drew, for always getting it done. This weeks player report is written by George Hick. Go Thunder! "It was a hard match and I got crunched to the ground. I think the boys played well because they were hitting their targets when kicking. We did good handballs and we played well and the opposition were fast and solid. Overall we played well but Red Hill played just that little bit better. "
  • Round 7: Thunder v Crib Point

    Round 7 we took on the Crib Point Magpies. It was a cold and icy day but the rain was kind and stayed away. This week we were without Huntah who is on holiday in the tropics and Cody who was also on holiday. The boys came to play and we started the game with 22 players and ended up with 20 fit players. Drew our Trainer was kept very busy. George was injured in the 3rd quarter and Dougal coped a knock to the head. Both boys were sidelined for the rest of the game. Jed had a blinder today and was awarded the Crib Point canteen award and this was after coming back from a hard knock in the first half of the game. Way to go Jed! The way the boys tackled and made efforts to get to the ball first was inspiring and as their coach I was proud as punch. Crib Point dominated the first half but our boys showed all the parents and grandparents, who were proudly watching, how far they have come by scoring 3 goals in the final quarter. This weeks award winners are: Kai Harrison for the way he conducted himself as this weeks Captain and his determination to get to the ball, Riley McLeod for his marking and tackling efforts all game and Kane Sherer for his running and tackling all day. Well done boys you should be very proud of yourselves. Boys the way you conduct yourself every week is a credit to you all. Your sportsmanship is the best I have seen from Jed picking up an opposition player who he accidently knocked over, Lachie who weathered the storm from his old Crib Point team mates and how you all listen and respect the umpire. I am one lucky coach. A big thanks to all the parent helpers who did votes, time keeping and all the other jobs we don’t see. Thank you. A big thanks to Sam, Shane and Drew you were kept on your toes today! Owen Clark has written this weeks player report. Go Thunder! “The rain stayed away for our game, but it was cold. Our first half was slow, but we didn’t let them get too far in front. In the second half we hit the post a few times, but we held onto the ball and kicked a few goals in a row too.”
  • Round 8: Thunder v Mt Martha

    This week was a late start for the under 9's. Everyone had a sleep in and ended a beautiful sunny day at Somers. We took on Mt Martha this round and it was a close fought contest. We welcomed our newest team member Max Fawcett and for someone who hasn't played footy he did amazingly! We were without Huntah who is still sun baking on a tropical beach somewhere, George who has injured his hand and Lachlan who has a virus. We can't wait to be at full strength again so hurry up and get back soon boys. The game was very even and the boys worked on their tackling accuracy and picking the ball off the ground. It's so exciting to see the boys execute what they are asked to do on a weekly basis and the improvement in them all is amazing to watch. The boys managed two score two goals this week and this was due to staying in their positions and trusting their team mates to get the ball to them. A team effort boys and you should all be very proud. Bill Chapman was this weeks Captain and conducted himself in a professional and polite manner, good job Bill! Rupert was awarded AFL game tickets from the opposition for the way he conducted himself on the field. Awesome effort Rupert! This weeks award winners are: Max Fawcett for an inspirational first game without even training with his team mates, Owen Clark for always getting in there and giving his best and Henri Saleres for his huge improvement in getting the ball off the ground and getting the kick away. Ace effort boys and you should be all very proud of yourselves. I am so fortunate to have such sensational boys who play fairly and with spirit every game. Your reputation as being a great team to play proceeds you boys and that is all I ask for. The parents and grandparents who are out in force week in week out to support your little men, thank you! Luckiest coach ever to have you all so thank you. And last but not least the people that do all the behind the scenes work Sam, Shane and Drew, thank you never seems enough. This weeks player report is written by Riley McLeod. Go Thunder! " On Sunday we started with a rough quarter, Mount Martha got to the goal square but our defence was terrific. In the second quarter Lachie kicked our first goal followed by Charlie. In thew third quarter Mount Martha got in the lead by kicking three goals and in the last quarter Balnarring came back and ended up with a draw.
  • Round 9: Thunder v Rosebud

    Round 9 the Thunder U9's played Rosebud on a crisp Main Ridge oval. The boys were all very excited to hit the field this week to the point that some of them were jumping out of their skin! This week we were without Rupert and we hit the ground with 24 players. Ethan Maxwell Captained the team this week and led with his enthusiasm to get to the ball first and fierce tackling. It was a relatively even game but the boys were asked to ensure that every time the ball entered our forward 50 that it didn't come out without a score. To the boys credit the ball went in 4 times during the 3rd quarter and we scored two goals and two points. So proud of them all! This weeks awards were given to; George Hicks for sportsmanship by picking up an opposition player after he knocked him over, Lachlan Jackson for his first ever kick in a game and Tom Whelan for his first kick under pressure and his excellent tackling. A big thanks to the parents that stand out in the freezing cold to support their boys. Thank you as always to the dream team: Sam, Drew and Shane. This weeks player report is from Lachlan Jackson. Go Thunder! “Today we played at Main Ridge Oval against Rosebud.  Rosebud were a good side and we tried our hardest to get as many goals as we could . Our team showed good sportsmanship during the game.”
  • Round 10: Thunder v Somerville

    Round 10 we played Somerville at their home ground. The weather was some what kind and didn't rain but I think it was very close to snowing! The boys were excellent staying out in very windy and icy conditions and continued to try and do as they were asked. This week at training Shane has been developing the boys skills to moving the ball on quickly by running past the player who has taken the mark and kicking long down the ground and running onto the ball. The boys really tried their best to implement this in our game today and I couldn't be prouder. Cody Scoble was this weeks Captain and he was an excellent example to all with his sportsmanship. Ace job Cody! We were without Banjo who is in sunny Thailand, Bill and Kai. We can't wait till you are back boys. This weeks awards went to; Tanner Holmes for landing a tackle, gaining possession and then kicking out, Joshua Allen for his efforts in the ruck and Dougal O'Bryan for his extraordinary rucking efforts against a much taller opposition. Well Done boys I am very proud of you all. Thanks to all the parents and grandparents that stood out in the freezing cold and to our A team. As always we are always the best organised team and its due to you all so thank you! Kane Sherer has written this weeks player report. Go Thunder!  " Our game today was good! In super cold weather against Somerville. Everyone did well, it was fun!"
  • Round 11: Thunder v Tyabb Gold

    Round 11 saw us back at the Thunderdome to play Tyabb. We were without Banjo and George this week and a last minute injury to Bill's ankle saw him sitting out the game on the bench. The boys were very disciplined under trying conditions and even though they did everything they were asked the calls didn't seem to go their way. The ruck players were excellent and worked hard on hitting targets. A special mention to Zac, Charlie J, Jed and Huntah who did a great job. It was a close game and played with plenty of spirit from both teams. I was thrilled with the way the boys played the game and you should all be very proud of the way you conducted yourself all game. This weeks award winners are; Huntah Miall on an excellent game as this weeks Captain. The way you conducted yourself Huntah was inspiring and I am very proud of you. Jed McMullin for his excellent rucking and making an effort to get it to our centre players. Flynn Scotland for his consistency all game and giving 110% for his team. Awesome job boys you should be proud of your efforts. A big thank you to the fabulous parents who turned up early to wipe the ice off the field, placement of goal post pads and all the other jobs we don't see you do. Thank you! A huge thanks to Sam, Drew and Shane, as always making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. This weeks player report is written by Jed McMullin. Go Thunder! "I noticed that our tackling was really good. We all did a lot better listening in the second quarter and we played a lot better. In the third quarter Zac tried really hard in the ruck. In the last quarter we came back and Jack and Rupert scored goals it was great." 
  • Round 12: Thunder v South Mornington

    On another blistering cold morning our fabulous parents helpers were out early setting up and bringing the little men to the field. A big thanks to you all, with out you we would not hit the field each week. This week we played South Mornington and we were missing Kai, Jed, Riley, Lachie, Jack and Joshua. Hopefully they were sunning themselves on their well deserved break. We did get back George and Banjo this week after what feels like an eternity. Poor Banjo was feeling the cold weather this morning after two weeks in Asia. We played 19 on the field so all the boys got to play a full game and not freeze while sitting on the bench. The ferocity of the boys tackling was astounding and they each got the job done landing nearly two tackles each a quarter. George was a fine team captain this week and led from the front. Good job George! The opposition team awarded Charlie Joyce their player award for his incredible efforts today. Well done Charlie! This weeks award winners were: Max Fawcett for gathering the ball and then hand balling before being tackled. This is something Max has been asked to work on and I was so proud to see him execute what he has been shown to do. Bill Chapman for his sensational ruck work against a much larger opposition. His use of his body during each contest was incredible. Kane Sherer for his goal. It was a team effort but Kane finished the job at the pointy end. I am proud of you boys great job! A special mention to Charlie B, Ethan and Huntah who filled in for the under 10 team. I was so impressed by their efforts and even scoring goals. A big thanks to Sarah Jackson who filled the role of team manager this week while Sam had a well deserved break. You did ace Sarah thank you. And always our runner, Shane, and trainer, Drew, phenomenal week in week out so thank you both. This weeks player report has been written by Bill Chapman. Go Thunder! "We got there at seven thirty. Somers was freezing. After a solid warm up with Beggsy we hit the field, great play by the mid field lead to a goal kicked by Kano in the opening minutes. We continued to dominate in the 2nd quarter against South Mornington we thought we had them. But we were wrong they slipped back in the lead by one goal but a fantastic play by George got us a goal and we won!!! Can't wait till we play next week!"
  • Round 13: Thunder v Beleura

    With the season coming to a close, as well as the school holidays, we were a team of 20 this week. We were missing Flynn, Charlie J, Jed, Jack and Joshua. It was a very early start this week at Mooroduc but we came to play and I couldn't be more excited about the boys improvements. The boys were asked to make sure they landed 2 tackles a quarter each and each and everyone of them were ferocious. The way the ball was moved was sensational, the boys don't wait around they are starting to create movement for their team mates to kick or handball to it is mind blowing how much they have improved. There are so many amazing achievements this week but here are a few; Max gathering the ball and getting it away by hand or foot, Tanner nearly kicking his first goal, Zac with his drive to get to the ball and chase the opposition down, Lachie for his excellent leadership as this weeks Captain, Charlie B for his knack for being where the ball landed all the time and Henri for his thumping kicks into the forward line. As I told the boys they make me proud every week in their conduct on and off the field and the way they play the game. I am so incredibly honoured to say I coach the Balnarring Under 9's and thats because of the 25 little men in the team, and their supportive parents. Thanks to Sam, Shane and Drew for all their work as usual. Couldn't do it without them. A huge thank you to our amazing goal umpire Geraldine. She is there every week, rain, hail or shine, doing the most amazing job. Your help every week has not gone unnoticed but I want to publicly say THANK YOU! This weeks awards go to; Owen Clark for his efforts in the ruck, Zac O'Brien for his speedy legs and getting to the ball so well and Rupert Brancatisano for his gathering of the ball and getting it away by foot. This weeks player report was written by Ethan Maxwell. Hope to see you all this Saturday night at the social function. Go Thunder! " Last weeks game was a good team game. Most players got two tackles each like the coach asked. It was a good score kicking five goals and a couple of points. Kane was good in the ruck giving us first use of the ball."