Under 9

2018 Coach: Shane Beggs

Trainer: Pir Price
Team Manager: Vanessa Wyatt
Runner: Luke Chapman

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Match Reports

  • Round 1 : Round Robbin

    Firstly welcome to all the new players (13) Liam, Monte, Sam, Josh, Remi, Gus, Declan, Grady, Nate, Billy Archie, Ava, Darcy & parents to the Balnarring football club. A big thank you to all the parents that have taken on an official role to get our team on the park each week and to young Luke Chapman as the team runner. Along with these important roles I really appreciate the parent helpers that we need to set up the ground each week plus work the Canteen, thanks to Lisa Scoble for being the canteen rep. For the year we have developed 3 team rules for our players:- 1. Have Fun. 2. Try your best. 3. Always support your team mates. To the game with 13 new first year players we came up against a very strong Tyabb outfit, in frosty slippery conditions our kids played with great heart and effort which is all I can ask for. Our backline worked hard against some class opposition players in the first half to quell goals. We did propel forward a couple of times and in the end we were rewarded with a great goal from young Jack Willis. The second half involved swapping positions with all the players to give them a chance in the forward half or backline, my theory at this stage is to try players were possible for that amount of time to learn the position on the ground. Throughout the year we may change quarter by quarter but will see how this goes. I will endeavor to try everyone in a different position over a couple of weeks but if your child has missed out in a role please approach me on a Tuesday night. All the kids ran out the game really well and hopefully enjoyed their first game. The most important goal for the year is the kids to have fun, try their best and support your teammates. Thanks again to the pre-game helpers today, the canteen workers. Officials Luke, Dean (U10’s trainer), Chris, Vanessa, Dave & the very energetic Arthur behind the goals. The boys who received the awards this week were Cody Scoble for scoring the teams first goal, Huntah Miall for his positive attitude and Dougal O'Bryan for toughing out the conditions when he was freezing cold. This year each week one of the Under 9 boys will be writing a few words about their reflection on the game and the first one is Tanner Holmes who is a first year player in Season 2017. "The games were awesome and fun as! It was rainy all day and we versed Tyabb, Rosebud and Pearcedale/Baxter. We played three matches." Award winners this week and thanks to the sponsors are:- Trigger Bros - Jack Willis Balnarring Fish & Chips - Ava Wyatt Tulum Store Milkshake - Darcy Stewart.
  • Round 2 : Balnarring v South Mornington

    Welcome to Chloe Angelo who has joined our team this week bringing our squad to 21 which fantastic for the club going forward. After a really good training night, under 9s seemed better prepared for Round 2, to take on South Mornington at home. In perfect early conditions we got off to a great start creating plenty of scoring opportunities, tackling this week was a real feature early by all players. Young Jack Willis was in outstanding form along with our on-ball brigade of Owen, Ava & Grady. The second quarter highlights involved the many marks and near misses on goal but eventually our forward pocket dynamo Dougal snapped truly to bring up our first goal. We continued to dominate play and the real encouraging sign was that every player got involved either blocking, handballing or taking a mark. The third quarter South Mornington came at us really hard and put our backline of Liam, Monte, Ava, Billy, Declan with support of our on-ball brigade of Remi, Banjo, Sam under real pressure. There was excellent marking and linking up in play from Tom, Josh plus one chain of play involving 4 marks & great kicks. Good to see young Darcy getting in the play out on the wing with Chloe involved in various passages. The last quarter was much the same as the 3rd quarter with the backline working really hard to stop any goals, unfortunately the ball didn’t make it to forward line to give Owen, Lachlan, Gus, Sam, Josh & Grady a chance to show their talent. For me the 2 outstanding moments came when Ava stood under high balls with players coming from everywhere to take both marks to the roar of the crowd. This takes real courage and concentration so well done Ava. The other pleasing thing which a lot of people said after the game was the improvement today, this is fantastic and something that every player and parent should be proud of so let’s keep improving at training and the rewards come Sunday. Thanks again to the pre-game helpers today in Jess & Sarah, the canteen helpers Megan, Sarah, Clydie, Emma. Officials Luke, Pir, Chris, Sal, Vanessa, Dave & the very energetic Arthur behind the goals. Award winners this week and thanks to the sponsors are:- Trigger Bros - Banjo Stewart Balnarring Fish & Chips - Declan Scoble Tulum Store Milkshake - Monte Shepherd.
  • Round 3 : Sorrento v Balnarring

    We travelled to Boneo Reserve to take on the Sorrento Sharks, today before the game it was pleasing to work with their coach and have all 20 players on the ground. We had really pleasing passages of ball movement although at times we missed the opportunity to kick goals through lack of numbers deep forward. With the younger age group trying to keep players in their positions will be a challenge but on the other hand enthusiasm for the ball is also great. Highlights were kicking 2 goals, Remi snapped his first goal for the year and I’m sure there will be many to come. Jack was again outstanding all day and his continual will to get the ball and tackle is first class. Pleasing games from Samuel, Nate and Captain Chloe helped propel the ball forward many times. Real encouraging signs are the teams tackling, handballing out of tight situations to a teammate so play can open up. Another positive note all players got some sort of possession throughout the game which all great for their own confidence. Special thanks once again to all the parent helpers from the Runner through to Team Manager, Goal Umpire and Water Carrier. Awards this Week:- Trigger Bros - Remi Saleras. Balnarring Fish & Chips – Samuel Brewer. Tulum Store Milkshake – Nate Willison. Thanks once again to our sponsors. Go Thunder, Shane.
  • Round 4 : Red Hill v Balnarring

    Firstly thanks to all the Mum’s today for bringing their child to football, I am sure that most would enjoy the sleep in or special breakfast but it ended being a perfect autumn morning at the Footy. We had a couple of player’s ill today but also welcomed back Charlie to the team after missing the first 4 games due to a broken arm. I would say today was the best overall display as a team we have had this year, so many close calls to kicking goals but eventually Sam kicked his first goal. Great celebrations on the field amongst the players and plenty of cheering from the parents. This is especially nice considering some of the media reports this week about abusive parents over the fence, encouragement and happiness on the field is most important. The last quarter Red Hill thrust forward many times trying to kick goal but we hand some fantastic efforts in chasing down the player and being rewarded with holding the ball decisions. I also thought that the young umpire we had was the best for the year so far. Highlight today was more about field kicking, today we had a number of passes hit their target but again our tackling continues to impress me the most. After the game we had both teams come together to celebrate fair play so thanks to all involved. Special thanks to all volunteers and to Dave Stewart behind the goals at short notice, pity a couple more of our attempts didn’t go straight over your head. Great game today by all players and I think I need to get hold of the theme song, nice try by Pir though in the rooms after the game. Team Captain today was Ava Wyatt. Award Winners this week: Trigger Bros - Archie Rummler, great game today. Balnarring Fish & Chips – Grady Walker. Tulum Store Milkshake – Billy Price.